Some things are part of us and we cannot let them go no matter how hard we try. For example, if you ask us to cast aside the craftsmanship of our work, our answer will be that we cannot, because this is what we have always believed in. It is a matter of instinct and passion that has followed us ever since 1989, when Massimo Santini, having been born and raised in the world of footwear, began his very own adventure by setting up the Santini company.

During those years, the “big industries” were in the north, while the rest of Italy still made things using knowledge passed down from generations of craftsmen, who didn’t need machinery to make something beautiful and meaningful, but spent hours of their day working tools and choosing materials, performing a job all about practice and manual skill that is driven by a passion and ambition to do a good job.

This is what we believed in yesterday and what we still believe in today. Even now that Santini is a group and brand with an international presence, we protect these lessons and our history as we would a priceless heritage that can show us the way forward: the fascination of that ancient know-how of someone who has grown up in a workshop which, combined with modernity and determination, bridges the gap between the past and the future during the most important time for everyone: the present. This is the time when we want to guard genuine values more carefully and share them with people who, by wearing our shoes, will adopt our values, ideas and commitment.



Know-how, quality and style are the benchmarks that made Santini known internationally. Our company distributes its shoes in the most popular concept stores all over the world: from Russia to America, from France to England, Spain, reaching China, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

Santini shoes had all the right elements to turn heads: their attention to detail, their modern style and the high-quality materials were the best business cards and it did not take long before they attracted the interest of international buyers.