My Sabbatical Travel – SS 2017 Collection Presentation

This is the story of a free woman, a citizen of the world. A woman that turns her profession and writings in her life. No fear of solitude and a great need of freedom. This is how our story starts, a flight to catch and a sabbatical year to accomplish, looking for herself and for inspiration. Nina is a writer, a successful and famous woman that madly loves, almost a fashion victim, she has a wild passion for shoes and everything characterized by the W trademark: Woman.

She wants a sabbatical year for herself. And so, her self-devoted trip begins.

Paris first, looking for art and old-time friends. Parties, nice people, exhibitions, restaurants, little bistros. Paris is always a pretty good idea. Then towards Amsterdam and Copenhagen in search of a more Nordic culture with lighter ways of life, but always on the lookout for adventure and fashion.

Nina observes the world and enjoys it entirely, she doesn’t back down and always searches the best way to live reconciling her femininity and profession. In the meanwhile, she finds love and passion: women are always like this, they are consistently obsessed about something, may be called vogue or Marc.

Her trip doesn’t stop, it’s still itinerant. She moves towards Tel Aviv to smell its air, a vibrating and stunning vibe. An unexpected world. She gets her feet on Abu Dabi for a fast shopping stop-over, and finally lands in Miami.

Here she is, our Nina, looking for motivations, people, vibrations, and energy. She never forgets to look after her femininity and her terrific outfit, without which she wouldn’t feel as the woman she really is.

Never without her beloved shoes, and her tremendous writing.

W for Woman.

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