Tel Aviv

Airplane. My next step is Tel Aviv. I leave Marc, (are you stupid? You have been looking for a decent man for all your life and now you are going away from him?), I already miss him, so much. I will be guest of a friend of mine, a stylist that moves in a stimulating and cross-sectional environment, maybe I will manage to change my thoughts and focus on something that is not a tall, blonde man with amazing eyes. I want to have fun, it will be helpful to avoid the idea of this man that is inside my head like a bug (I promised to myself to not be fooled again by anyone). The city is full of contrasts, here is coming into the world a new generation of creative people, artists and stylists: a woman that is interested by humanity like me here has a fertile ground.
I’m interested in observing all this ferment, I want to know the oriental Miami, I want to understand how Jerusalem can pray and how Tel Aviv can dance. I go to my hotel, it’s already evening, I change my clothes, I wear a short dress full of disco sequins and a pair of super high heels, a sexy shoe is the only way I know to make the legs sexy as well. Guy, my friend, picks me up and drives me to the most famous club in the city, the Benedict, 29 Rothschild Blvd, a place that never closes, where they say “good morning” also at 2 a.m. . I like this constant energy, it makes me pumped as in NY. Guy gets tired of this atmosphere early and drags me to another well-known disco and assures me that, for 60 days, I will live as a 20 years old lady. This thing worries me a little but I decide to trust him and we go to the HaOman17, 88 Abarbanel St. . This night a famed Dj is playing here, of course I wasn’t aware of his existence because novels are my only world, but I realize that people lives also on other things. And understanding it is good for me. This city lives during the night, I’ll have to get used to a new time zone and to new dark circles. Oh man, I’m not so young anymore…. And then Marc, I text him, he doesn’t reply. Panic. I start waiting with my phone in my hands like a 12 years old teenager, my brain is into mush. Here he is, he answers me after 47 minutes that for me changed in 47 hours…well, he didn’t forget me.
My Israeli period goes on through discos and underground locals, I’m ready for a novel about all the music movements spread in the world. Travelling is the constant discovery of what you weren’t looking for but that you found anyway.
I will end my year in Miami, but first I have to dock in Abu Dabi, a fast stop of only 4 days, I will do shopping spree to combat the “Marc effect”. We, as women, have a sort of Poetic justice: the more we fall in love, the more we need to swipe our credit card. Shoes, this sound is echoing inside my mind: ballerina shoes, decolletè, stiletto heels, boots, oxford shoes, slip on, sneakers, sabot, sandals, cuissard. Now I’d like to have a bit of everything, I’m so desperate.
In this city, that looks like the Disneyland for grown-ups, I start to clean out all the shops of the luxury centers and I buy also another suitcase because I don’t know how to put everything I purchased. How much do you cost to me, Marc?