Miami. Transoceanic flight. Flight-attendants are always my nightmare. I decided that I will only drink, even if I travel in business class and I could eat caviar. I drink and I detox myself for 12 hours from everything that I downed around. For now I need just to be comfortable and have my blanket.
The flight is good and I arrive in Miami at 10 a.m. . I never understand the difference between departure and arrival when time zones are so different. Here everything can happen. You can’t be amazed by anything in a place like this, it’s the most American America that you can think about, and in the American America this is the imperative: exaggerate. I love the weather of Miami. In no other part of the world I have been so good: it’s like heaven. I rent a little house with an ocean view in South Beach, 35 miles of beach that can be used to run, I already know that I won’t but I want to have this illusion. I call Marc, he answers me with his deep voice, a real man. He cannot have more power on me than Miami!
In this city, you can see women dressed like evening even during the morning. A party after another. Exaggerated people with exaggerated life and dressed in an exaggerated way. But I love it.
I have, in this moment, five suitcases full of amazing clothes and shoes to wear, and I absolutely want to. I call Elizabeth, my longtime friend…she is already set for a first visit of the city. We go to Downtown like two tourists, but Flager Street is full of shops and that is our main interest… I want to buy one of that shoe that is typically American, one of that you cannot find anywhere else… Text from Marc: – Don’t pay mad money -.
Here it is, already exposed. I don’t answer, I’m not able to tell him lies, this man is messing with my life even staying on the other part of the globe.
Tomorrow I will visit the museum and I will pull myself together, as he likes.
The museum of Fine Arts is full of modern art, it will redeem me from my shopping. I have to start thinking about a novel made of paper if I want to continue in this way. I have to make women read…. make them dream, for me there is Marc…he makes me dream, so what am I doing here?
Yes, I will come back, it’s decided. I know, it’s something crazy but I have to come back, I have been around all the globe just to realize that I left my world in Europe, and he has a thrilling voice and a deep gaze. This is my decision for the time being… we will see, I still have a lot of shoes to buy before growing up…
Check-in… I’m coming back… when the travel is over you always go home…