I arrive in Amsterdam in the late afternoon. I ask the taxi-driver to drive me to Dam place where I booked my room in a hotel.
While I flow through the city, differences between here and Paris come to my mind: Amsterdam is so essential, bikes everywhere and canals that give a taste of ancient to a modern and avant-garde city. I reach the center. I change my clothes, I want to go out quickly and visit the district of “Nove Stradine” where the most active life runs by. I decide to wear a Boy fit: shirt, trousers, tie, a sand college and a fedora, they make me feel in accordance with the city.
I want to have dinner in a restaurant that an American friend of mine told me is situated in P.C Hoofstraat, the upstairs floor of the local is furnished with a combination of vintage and baroque elements that provides Fusion cooking. The chef is smoking hot and the service is gorgeous. The ambient of this restaurant is so attractive, attended by artists and white collars looking for a meeting point. I feel like home, here everyone is alternative or alternate, anyway suitable for me. I eat a plate that is assembled like a Picasso’s masterpiece, a company of painters join my table. We look like a crew of bohemian in what is, by definition, the freest city regarding mental infrastructures. Also this night will be so long…In the meanwhile I dance…and drink and let me drive by vibrations in this night-time dominated by Bacchus. Where will I wake up tomorrow?

The itinerant year is making me know extraordinary people, months pass by like hours and the moment to take another flight is already arrived, towards Copenhagen. The Danes are the happiest people in the world, I want to understand why. For Copenhagen I prepared a street outfit style: I wear a blue pea coat and a cargo trousers, a maxi-wedge with socks and a super-warm cap.
The hotel is amazing, a perfect reception, full of chimneys and candles, it looks like magic.
I go out and I dive between the people that here have a winning style of life. Their secret is called Hygge, a term that gives a sense of thinking, feeling satisfied creating a warm ambient with the ones you love. I rent a bike to live the city as a real Danish woman. With this tech and Nordic cycle, I head towards the Stroget, the longest pedestrian rode in the world. It’s full of people reading, walking, running and riding. The air of this city is so particular: enveloping, I’m not able to define it in a different way, maybe is really Hygge. I go to see the Little Mermaid and right there I meet a portraitist that sketches me in ten minutes. He manages to catch my mood perfectly, I realize that this staying is good for me. Also Copenhagen gets out of my hands between a visit to Van Gogh and many cultural events that this city reserves. I met an incredible man, Marc, I can’t fall in love, I have to go away. I live my overwhelming passion without brakes, and this time I’m not talking about shoes. I’m utterly amazed by this city, it’s on a human scale, and in addition I found also a suitable human for me. I will come back. Maybe for a longer period, maybe for a novel, or maybe for Marc.