Back to Milan

I’m back in Milan, my travel is over. A year aound the world is not exactly what you could say a short trip. Now I have to get back to work and start my new novel without thinking so much.
Coming back home is always a bit shocking even when the cleaning lady make a good job and you find your rooms perfectly tidy.
In addition, I lost 2 of my 5 luggages and the Air Company said to me that “IF THEY FIND THEM” they will ship them to my home. Of course, did they want me to bring them back all alone?
I get used to my house again, strange but true.
I start receiving calls wildly: my assistant, my editor, my mother, the bank, my friends from Milan. Everyone one seems to pour into me like a cold waterfall. My attention is equal to zero, i feel like floating.
First I try to face them, but I surrender and I decide to have warm bath, everything will be clearer later.
Elisa calls me, she works in the fashion world, she is my whistleblower for every tip tobe always trendy. I cannot say no to her invitation: she proposes a trip to MICAM, which is being held during those days in Milan, and, since I couldn’t get inside without a pass, I decide to crash with her and lost myself in a world of shoes of all shapes and companies.
We get in and we take one of those maps that help to guide you and choose the fatest path towards your destination. We walk through a pavillion full of interesting things, than Elisa tells me she has an appointment with the designer of a brand and asks me if I want to follow her, Yes, obviously. We arrive inside the space of “Santini Shoes” and a wonderful guy welcomes us. He is trendy and with the most captivating smile I’ve ever seen lately. We introduce ourself, he is Andrea, and start talking with Elisa about his new collection, what inspired him and which travels made before starting to work on it. I’m enchanted by his excitement, he has a fair charm and a natural sense of taste. He involves me in his talks, I appreciate this kindness so much. He starts showing me the different types of shoes that he realized for this season, explaining that behind his work there is the passion of creating different look for different women, with various way of life always careful for the last tendencies.
Andrea says that during the born of different themes, he thought to a woman living inside a city, london for example, that loves organizing long travels in the mountains, spending her afternoon in isolated cabin with only a fireplace and a hot chocolate. I have to admit that I feel this image really close to me and I recognize this idea looking at the collection. He says, in addition, that functionality is the ground of a successfull collection and I think he is so right: even if I am a heels-addicted some days I feel like wearing different shoes, more comfortable. Women of our time are always in a hurry, he has a perfect strategy.
The collection is made of boots, ankle boots, cuissard, sneakers, furr boot, knife boots with wonderful colors, slipper. I love the materials: leather, velvet, lycra, matelassè, metallic heels and urban bottom.
Andrea is so nice and asks me if I want to have some shoes shipped to my house: I cannot believe what I’m hearing, my lost luggage full of shoes is coming back.
I choose five pairs that impressed me: a black sneaker with reptile effect, a cuissard with bicolor bands realized with alcantara, a biker with a chain for street outfit, a lycra ankle boot with a high heels and contrasting colors,a horsey boot with a high bottom.
We say goodbye to Andrea, he was really a treasure and we walk towards the exit.
The air of Milan is alwaysthe same, now it’s time to go home and start working…..and planning a new travel, i cannot be still with this wonderful and new shoes!