Santini at 84th Micam

Also this year, MICAM is over and it had a great success of public and buyers.
Companies put their foot down on the gas focusing on product and brand identity.
Also Massimo Santini Shoes claimed its own mood with a brand new collection under the banner of dedicated footwear, devoted to the daywear and full of colors.
The developed themes are numerous. Sneakers always hold sway wearing materials and rainbow shades with different fittings and leather patchwork. Design wears a feminine appeal, not easy at all.
Also a very rich range of slipper represents nowadays an evergreen for Santini: the shoe with no lace but with a perfect fit receives a new shape and original equipments.
The collection fluctuates, occasionally, between a manga taste and the Miami seaside, by granting to the ensamble a sens of lightness and significant amusement. The idea of a sneaker with a inner heel provides an addiction in highness also to the most sporty women.
The portion dedicated to sandals is equally colorful and dynamic. Several wedge footwears and heels to comfortably enjoy all day long.
A wide collection, assorted, with a great comfort and freshness, easy to match and transversal in order to take advantage of it in every phase of the day and with different outfits.
Massimo Santini Shoes thought to a positive summer, live, funny, not taking itself seriously, exactly the soul of a child, not affected by what’s happening outside. A healthy and succesful optimism.
We kindly invite you to evaluate our collection on our website and look for your perfect Santini’s footwear.
Good season to everyone.

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