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My Sabbatical Travel

When someone asks me: – What is your job? – and I reply: – I’m a writer-, usually everyone around me rolls his eyes and insists with a renewed emphasis: – No, I mean, for a living, what’s your job? – . This already explains my desire to escape and the fact I’m boarding this plane.
This is how professional writers really are: doomed souls that try to convince the other to take them seriously.

Tel Aviv

Airplane. My next step is Tel Aviv. I leave Marc, (are you stupid? You have been looking for a decent man for all your life and now you are going away from him?), I already miss him, so much. I will be guest of a friend of mine, a stylist that moves in a stimulating and cross-sectional environment, maybe I will manage to change my thoughts and focus on something that is not a tall, blonde man with amazing eyes.


I arrive in Amsterdam in the late afternoon. I ask the taxi-driver to drive me to Dam place where I booked my room in a hotel.
While I flow through the city, differences between here and Paris come to my mind: Amsterdam is so essential, bikes everywhere and canals that give a taste of ancient to a modern and avant-garde city. I reach the center.


Miami. Transoceanic flight. Flight-attendants are always my nightmare. I decided that I will only drink, even if I travel in business class and I could eat caviar. I drink and I detox myself for 12 hours from everything that I downed around. For now I need just to be comfortable and have my blanket.
The flight is good and I arrive in Miami at 10 a.m. . I never understand the difference between departure and arrival when time zones are so different. Here everything can happen.

Back to Milan

I’m back in Milan, my travel is over. A year aound the world is not exactly what you could say a short trip. Now I have to get back to work and start my new novel without thinking so much.
Coming back home is always a bit shocking even when the cleaning lady make a good job and you find your rooms perfectly tidy.
In addition, I lost 2 of my 5 luggages and the Air Company said to me that “IF THEY FIND THEM” they will ship them to my home. Of course, did they want me to bring them back all alone?


I decided that I want to fall in love with this city, but first i want to drawn inside this hot chocolate.

This restaurant hasn’t changed and also Evie, my Greek friend. Always beautiful, always cool, always full of energy. I’m in Athens for the University degree of her daughter, I’m happy to be here.


I suffer from vertigo, how did I decided to go on the top of London Eye?

I don’t have to be scared or I will make in my pants and I don’t want also because i wear my black sneakers by Santini with reptile effect that I love.


Tomorrow is the 25th November, birthday of Cecilie, my english friend living in Prague.

I have to go to her party, three days in Prague never killed a person, they won’t kill me…besides alcohol and bad food. My assistant booked a flight at 6:00 a.m.: I hate her. I have got puffy eyes like billiard balls.